Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Art of Packing.

No matter where you are headed on your vacation, once you have your tickets and have booked your hotel reservation, it’s time to get working on your wardrobe. Most people over-pack, but believe me it’s not fun hauling around heavy luggage. The best way to travel is with a single carry on item that won’t get lost and that you wont have to wait for in baggage claim. Traveling with less is better!

That problem can be solved by sticking to an “unglamorous” carryon bag and packing only what you really need. For clothes, it is best to pick one color scheme for the trip. Be a ruthless editor…take ONLY a few basics. Think versatility: day to night, mix and match, keep it simple. Also, always make sure to put an extra bag inside your suitcase in case you do some shopping.

A secret must when stuffing your suitcase is to roll. Always roll your clothes if you can, it gives you so much more space. Roll up t-shirts or light sweaters and fit 5 in a baggie, then push all the air out and it becomes a little package. The same with skirts or pants and you never have to wear the same thing twice! If you’re worried about your clothes getting wrinkled, don’t be. Most hotels have steamers and you can always steam a bathroom to get your clothes wrinkle free.

The real key to packing light is to only pack three pairs of shoes: metallic heels, metallic flats because they work with any outfit also, bring a pair of walking or running shoes. For jewelry, bring beads or one bold necklace that can dress up any outfit and stick to that. Scarves and Pashminas are a must as well. Perfect for going to the beach or out to dinner. Sunglasses NEVER (EVER) leave home with out them!!!!!


  1. Roll? No way. I went to YouTube and learned the Butlers Secret. Got enough clothes for 3 weeks in a carryon! Then again, it was Milan in April, so it's like packing for Hawaii. And being a guy, not so much the shoe supply.

    The blog is looking great. And you have some nice twitter followers. Keep going!

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