Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going Green

If u haven’t heard by now, going green is a huge trend. So today I propose the question: Is it time to detox your wardrobe?

When most people think eco chic they thing famed designer Stella Mccartney, but what most people don’t consider are used clothes. Some of my greatest finds have been discovered at vintage and second hand stores and what better way to support mother earth than reusing what we already have.

But If vintage isn’t your thing try to find organic cotton or clothing made of natural materials that have little or no impact on our envonment. Also, now a days its more common to find faux leather and faux fur almost anywhere you shop.

This April is 22 is Earth Day. Spend this month supporting and taking care of mother earth. I challenge you to find your own eco chic style in whatever you passion may be.

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