Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's your Inspiration?

Inspiration. That burst of creativity that forces a reaction within the self that you MUST do something! Creative Inspirations can come from anywhere in the world. In my world of fashion, I am constantly inspired by everything thing I see.
Lately, I find myself Inspired by the trend of tribal prints that are in season this spring. I recently went on a trip to our Native American Lands... A VERY spiritual and inspirational journey. On most days I think about that trip, and our American history.

Alongside that I think about modern fashion. I am constantly inspired by the looks I see on the runways and in magazines. I love a classic chic look, but I also enjoy a relaxed feel. I live a busy city lifestyle and I enjoy the challenge everyday to make the two worlds meet.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I hope you find something this week that inspires you!

featuring fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's creative inspiration.

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