Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Get packing.

Parallel to styling and playing in my clients wardrobes, one of my very favorites past times is packing.  As a kid I can remember packing for family trips to Tahoe at the young age of seven. Getting everything all laid out on the bed, making sure it all fit nicely into my Tommy Hilfiger suit case , and of course, I had to write everything down.  That included not only the clothes that I was bringing,  but also which outfits I would be wearing on different days and for different activities. These are all skills I picked up at a young age and still do today. Needless to say, packing is an art that I have truly mastered!!

It has been over 10 years since I needed to check my luggage and my next trip will be no different.  The hubby and I leave for  New Orleans next week to stay and visit with friends and family in Louisiana and then take a delightful vacy out to Florida.  As a lover of packing I have already determined most everything I am taking. However packing can get tricky and as the Holiday season is rapidly approaching I thought I would share with all of you some of my most trusted packing tips.

1. Dont over pack...It is un-chic! Please just don't do it. 

2. Check the weather.  Wouldn't it be awful to arrive at your destination having packed all the wrong kinds of clothes. Black clothes in the summer humidity just will not do.

3.  Pack by color. Choose a single color palette that way all your items are interchangeable.  When in doubt go with neutrals.

4. Fabric is key.  Think breathable fabrics such as jersey and cotton that don't wrinkle.

5.  Scarves! My very favorite accessory. I rarely ever leave the house without one, and I usually take at lease four with me on trips. They are great for warmth, an added pop of color and they help liven up your style on the road. Also great to use as a blanket on the plane. 

6. Tissue paper. It's great for keeping your clothes in shape when you travel. Place the tissue between shirts and knits to keep your clothes from moving around and wrinkling during your travels. 

7. Roll your clothes, laying clothes flat will work as well, but rolling is the method preferred by flight attendant and they travel ALL the time. Roll your clothes, I promise you can fit more into your bag this way and thus pack those 5 extra t-shirts you just HAVE to bring!

8. When you arrive to your destination unpack as soon as possible.  Nothing worse than coming home from a long day/ night and having to unpack or worse yet, wake up to find all your clothes still in your suitcase and winkled! Take the time to unpack right away, you'll thank yourself later. 

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