Monday, October 15, 2012

So pretty you'll never want to close the doors.

Imagine, you open the doors to find that clothes are organized, the space is clean, and it is beautifully decorated with the wallpaper you've been eying for several months now. No, you are not in a boutique. You are in YOUR closet!  A neatly organized, categorized and beautiful decorated closet...and it is all yours!  

A well organized and cleaned out closet is always refreshing, but transforming small spaces with wallpaper can create a very powerful effect.  Wallpapering a closet is a great way keep yourself motivated to keep your closet polished and organized.  It is great for livening up a small space and can also give a bigger closet a more roomy feeling. 

Sometimes just giving your closet a little bit more love will help to keep yourself organized.  Say good bye to days where you stare at your closet and have nothing to wear, and create a space where you'll love to look forward to getting dressed. 

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