Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cape Cover

Capes and caplets have crept back in to the fashion spotlight this season. A bit mysterious, a bit superhero. They are the ultimate throw and go and literally, just as easy to throw on as a scarf!

Originally from medieval Europe, women wore capes to protect the finer fabrics of their evening wear from the elements...and also to make a fashion statement.  Capes were still in vogue through much of the 20th century until the 1980's.  They were often seen in old hollywood evening ensembles both on film and in real life.  

Most recently the cape made a red capert apperance when Hollywood starlet Gwyneth Paltrow wore a white Tom Ford dress and matching cape to the 2012 Oscars. 

The cape makes a great alternative to a coat.  This season they have taken a sportier approach to the long formal ones we have seen in the past. Some are still quite tailored and sleek, while others are shorter, called caplets, and have slits so you can use your arms. Capes are timeless and classic and great for women of all shapes and sizes.  They cost about as much as you would pay for regular coat but make a bigger statement.

When choosing a color- keep it neutral, a cape is a grand enough gensture in itself, but keep your eyes open for details like a leather or fur trim, lace, fringe or buttons.  Also keep in mind texture. For work, consider a wool or tweed cape that is jacket length rather than long and flowing. Capes look great when paired with a tote or oversized clutch. 

They are perfect to wear either dressy or casual and are great layering pieces for weather changes. Capes are all about proportion, so when wearing a cape, pair it with something more narrow on the bottom, such as a slim trouser  column gown, or even a mini skirt.   Also, a great belt can ground the cape. Of course, wearing one on top of your skinny jeans creates a naturally chic, comfortable look.

This season, capes are THE thing to throw over your shoulders when the weather gets chilly. 

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